Value-added Service:

mul-ele has always strived to offer its customers value-added services. We treat our customers’ needs as our own needs. Since we have learned tremendously through working experiences with multi-national companies from the USA, Australia, and European countries, mul-ele has formed its own management philosophy based on the integration of their sophisticated management style.

We will always learn from the others, adopt 5S, Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma quality systems combining with state-of-the-art equipment for continuous improvement within the entire operation of EMS service

R&D service:

mul-ele has 50 engineers engage in PCB design area and we provide simple project design suggestions to our customers who need this kind of service.

mul-ele has 20 engineers analysis Customer;s Gerber file and and 15 working on BOM, We provide first-time feedback to our customers if documents have some problem or mistakes or not completed indicated.

mul-ele 15 procurement engineers will report our customers immediately as soon as they analysised the BOM and know which components will difficult to buy or cannot buy by mul-ele people

We decide to begin our research on the products development:LED P5 P6 P7 P8 P9 P10 Full-color Panels, including outside box, sender card, receiver card. .. full sets LED products.