PCB Capability

PCB Capability

Rigid PCB + HDI process capability

Layer Count & Material
The number of layers0-108 LayerPlate typeFR-4 material, high-speed material, high-speed material, metal substrate material
Finished product dimensions≤24inch*48inchMaterial brandingLianmao, Shengyi, Taiyao, South Asia, Panasonic, Isola, Nelco, Rogers, Taconic, Arlon, etc
Plate thickness range0.2mm-8.0mmPlate thickness toleranceTolerance: ±0.1 mm (plate thickness≤ 1.0 mm), ± 10% (plate thickness> 1.0 mm);
Special tolerances: Plate thickness±0.1 mm (≤ 2.0 mm), ± 0.15 mm (2.1-3.0 mm)
Surface treatmentElectroplated copper-nickel gold, immersed gold, hard gold plated (with/without nickel), gold-plated fingers, lead-free tin-spraying, OSP, chemical nickel-palladium gold, soft-gold plated (with/without nickel), immersed silver, immersed tin, ENIG+OSP, ENIG+G/F, full plate gold plating +G/F, immersed silver +G/F, immersed tin +G/F, leaded tin
DrilIing & Copper Thickness
Minimum aperture size4MILThe inner layer is thick with copper0.5 OZ-6 OZ
Laser aperture diameter4mil-6milAperture tolerance (through-hole plating)±2MIL
The outer layer of copper is thick0.33OZ-6OZAperture tolerance (non-plated through-hole)±2MIL
Trace & Solder Mask
Line width/spacing (minimum)3/3milMinimum window opening for weld protection1mil
Characteristic impedance accuracyConventional tolerances: ±3Ω (<30Ω), ±10% (≥30Ω);
Special tolerances: ±3Ω (<30Ω), ±5% (≥60Ω), ±7% (≥45Ω)
Solder mask alignment tolerance±2MIL
Weld-resistant bridge width≥3MILSolder mask hardness≥6H
Solder mask colorGreen, green matte, blue, blue matte, black, black matte, yellow, red, white
CNC & Test
Outline tolerance±0.1mmPlate koji0.75% max.
Flame retardancy94-in-0

Flexible PCB process capability

Layer Count & Material
The number of layers1-8 LayerMaximum panel size19.6*31.0 inch
Maximum finished product size9inch*14inch(Extreme 9inch*23inch)Minimum panel size9.0*12.0 inch
Dimensional tolerances for the finished product±0.1mmMaximum adult plate thickness0.80mm
Minimum finished plate thickness0.05mm
Route Trace
Minimum line width - inner layer3MILMinimum spacing - outer layer3.5mil
Minimum line width - outer layer3MILThe inner layer is thick with copper≤2OZ
Minimum spacing - inner layer3MILThe outer layer of copper is thick≤3OZ
Minimum drilled hole diameter0.15mmThe minimum distance from the hole edge to the plate edge8MIL
Maximum aperture size6.4mmMinimum hole ring size4mil (partial 3.2mil)
Aperture tolerances±2MILMinimal BGA pad design≥ 8mil (Limit 7mil)
The distance from the hole edge to the hole edge10MILMinimal SMT design≥7MIL
Ink printing Solder Mask
Weld-resistant bridge width≥4MILThe minimum width of the text4MIL
Minimum window opening for weld protection3mil (partial 2.5mil)Character minimum altitude23MIL
The minimum distance from the anti-solder window to the other periphery3MIL
Surface Finished
There are lead sprayed tin, immersed gold, chemical nickel palladium gold, soft gold plating, hard gold plating, immersed silver, OSP, immersed tin, ENIG + OSP, ENIG + G / F
Impedance test capability Impedance
Whether it has the ability to test impedanceYes

Rigid-Flexible PCB process capability

Product Structure Construct
Rigid flex joint structure1st Stage HDI, 2nd Stage HDI;
Flying tail type rigid flex plate (≤ 20 layers)
Plate typeRaw Material
Material type Raw Material
Flexible substrateSF305, RF-775, DuPont APRigid substrateIT-180A、S1000-2、 TU-768(TU-752)、 85N、RO4350B、VT-901、R-5775、TU-872SLK、TU-862HF
ReinforcePICovering filmSF305C series, FHK series, FR series
Product color Color
Rigid areaGreen, red, blue, black, whiteFlexible areaGreen, red, blue, black, white
Number of layers Layer Count
Rigid area2-20 floorsFlexible area1-8 Layer
Board thickness
Rigid area0.3mm-4.0mmFlexible area0.05mm-0.80mm
Maximum finished product size16inch*29inchMinimum finished product size10mm*15mm
Dimension Tolerance
Rigid area±4MILFlexible area±4MIL
Copper Thickness
The inner layer is thick with copper≤2OZThe outer layer of copper is thick≤3OZ
Hole to edge of the ladder
Hole edge to step edge0.5mm
Max.Aspect Ratio
Rigid area12:01
Min Core Thickness
Inner flex core plate0.5milInner hard plate core0.05mm
Semi-cured wafer specifications106、1080
Surface Finish
Lead-freeLead-free tin spraying, immersed gold, chemical nickel palladium, electroplated copper-nickel gold, soft-gold plating, hard gold-plated, immersed silver, OSP, immersed tin, ENIG+OSP, ENIG+G/F, full plate gold plating +G/FThere is leadThere is lead spraying tin
Electrial Reliability
Electromagnetic shieldingSF-PC6000Impedance controlTypical Tolerances:                                                                                          Single-ended: ±5Ω (≤50Ω), ±10% (>50Ω)                                            Differential: ±5Ω (≤50Ω), ±10% (>50Ω)                                                                                         Special Tolerances:                                                                                    Single-ended: ±3Ω (≤50Ω), ±8% (>50Ω)                                             Differential:±4Ω (≤50Ω), ±8% (>50Ω)