Environment Policy

Environment Policy

PCBA production equipment and SMT patch processing technology have certain requirements for the workshop's power supply, ventilation capacity, temperature, humidity, air cleanliness, anti-static, and production personnel's wear accessories. And the workshop environment tends to be clean and tidy, with the purpose of reducing the health hazards to workshop workers such as oil and dust. At the same time, environmental protection and greening are the pursuit and goals of modern development, because the environment of environmental protection and greening can reduce or control the generation of pollution sources.

For the normal operation of the equipment and the high standard requirements for the production process, the workshop environment temperature is controlled at 23±3 degrees Celsius, and the relative humidity is 45%-70%RH.

Both reflow soldering and wave soldering equipment have exhaust and flue gas emission requirements, and exhaust fans are configured according to equipment requirements.

The power supply voltage and power meet the requirements of PCB and PCBA processing equipment. The voltage is stable, single-phase AC220V (220±10%, 50/60Hz), three-phase AC380V (380±10%, 50/60Hz). The power of the power supply is more than one the power consumption.

The IC and other precision electronic components involved in PCBA production are often easily damaged by static electricity. Therefore, static protection is also very important. Generally, personnel entering the workshop must wear anti-static overalls, wear work caps, and shoes need to be covered with shoe covers. Anti-static bracelet.

The workshop should be kept clean and sanitary, free of dust and corrosive gases. The production workshop has cleanliness control, and the cleanliness is controlled at: 500,000.

The workshop is the core of the PCB factory and the "home" we rely on. Regular training of the workshop environment and personnel requirements is an indispensable and important link.