mul-ele Quality management Policy:
Adoption of 5S, Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma quality systems.                
Products inspection is strictly conducted in compliance with internationally recognized workmanship standards(IPC-600G classⅡand IPC-6012B classⅡstandard). mul-ele ISO 9001 registered.


For PCB assembly Quality: 
mul-ele is equipped with 2 x AOI equipment for inspection on PCBAs, Flying Probe and ICT equipment for functional testing. In order to ensure a high level of outgoing quality, we encourage our customers to allow us to functionally test products at mul-ele premises for the further insurance of defect-free products and minimizing RMAs. This also alleviates our customers from secondary processing and allowing us to be of further service.


For Bare PCB manufacturing: mul-ele Perform: 
100% visual and AOI inspection,electrical testing,High Voltage testing, 
impedance control testing,micro-sectioning,thermal shock testing, 
solder testing reliability testing,insulating resistance testing

ionic cleanliness testing.