Health&Safe Policy

Health&Safe Policy

Our company adhere to clean production, in accordance with the ISO14000 environmental management system for management, attention to the environmental of the production process and safety control and staff labor protection.

mul-ele highly respects environmental policies. As a member of the earth, this is not an excuse for discharging hazardous waste into our living environment. Not only in the PCB & FR4 PCB manufacturing process, but in daily work, everyone in mul-ele is aware of this importance and strictly follows the ISO14000 environmental management system. mul-ele will continue to cooperate with all our material suppliers who may be affected by the new ROHS compliance regulations. Every kind of raw material, from copper clad laminate, solder mask, electroplating and all processes, surface treatments, (OSP, HASL (lead-free), ENIG, etc...), all of them are RoHS compliant.


In today's era, environmental responsibility is a key aspect of business
innovation. At POE, we provide products and solutions to ensure that our
customers grow in their own industries. Our RoHS-compliant PCB boards do
not contain lead, and we follow the worker's contact and recycling rules
of the directive. Creating the future involves not only technological
advancement, but also compliance with standards that create a safe
industry and the planet.

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