Value-Add Service

Value-Add Service

About US

We help our customers design and manufacture innovative world-class goods for the high-tech industry, propelling their businesses into new orbits. We also provide ongoing after-sales support through our technical consultants. Designing and manufacturing cutting-edge electronic and automation systems for businesses, industries, and individuals worldwide is our niche.

We’ve created a tight-knit team of engineers and managers who specialize in the following prospective markets: E-CAD, Firmware Development, Embedded systems development, power electronics system, IoT during the last five years. We are prepared to take on specific development and production tasks to finish your project on a turnkey basis.

Our Services

E- CAD and EDA Services

-Schematic and PCB design

High Speed Design with Impendence control and length matching.

Various BGA core (Cortex series, A series, FPGA ...), DDR3, DDR4, Ethernet, eMMC, high speed digital display interfaces, Wi-Fi…

High voltage, High Current design with EMC/EMI

-Simulation -Hardware design analysis

Software/Firmware Development

Firmware development using various kind of MCUs

STM32F1/F4/F7xx, PIC16/18xx, Wi-Fi (ESP32, ESP8266), Bluetooth(nRF52xxx/nRF5281xxx), Zigbee, Atmega series, MSPxxx series

Arduino based Firmware

Application Stack for RTOS

Raspberry PI

Device Drivers / Libraries Development