Quality Certificate

Quality Certificate

mul-ele precision Electronics Quality management is with the adoption of 5S, Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma quality systems. Products inspection is strictly conducted in compliance with internationally recognized workmanship standards (IPC-600G classⅡand IPC-6012B classⅡstandard). We are ISO 9001 registered and currently strive for ISO14000 certification. 


ISO9001:2008 Quality Management;

100% Incoming Inspection by IQC;

100% AOI Inspection for inner layers; 

Copper thickness measured by OXFORD;

100% Dry Film and Solder Mask Touch UP;

Control line width/space during etching;

Gold thickness measured by X-Ray; 

100% E-Testing to certify Zero Open/short;

IPC-6012B to control PCB performance;

IPC-A-600G quality standard for acceptance;

UL Certified Rating 94V-0.

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