mul-ele Technology 2021 All-staff Tour

MUL-ELE Christmas event

When the holiday bugle of Christmas is sounded, all the MUL-ELE carry out Christmas activities together in the office on the afternoon of December 25, 2021.

1: Santa Claus Giving Out the Gifts
There was a colleague of ours dressed up in Santa’s costume and walked in from the office door quietly in advance. After the Christmas gifts prepared by the company are all given out, everyone was surprised at the time.

2: Relay Race of Eating Oranges
1. Three players were sent from each department to participate as a team, and each player should start eating oranges at the same time.
2. After the first player finish eating up an orange, the next player will play and whistle after eating.
3. The first team that ate all three oranges first will each get a Christmas gift package.